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Therapeutic recreation for children living with cancer or other chronic illness.


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Our Mission

We change the lives of seriously ill children and their families, by giving them back their emotional strength and equipping them with tools to regain health and joy of life. Our camps and workshops are free of charge. We believe, that even behind the darkest clouds, the Sun still shines.

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How do we help

We restore childhood happiness to our camp participants.
Through therapeutic recreation,
we empower them to gain new experience
and to surpass their limits, in a fully safe and controlled environment.
As a result, the children acquire strength to fight the illnesses
and faith in their own recovery.


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Bátor Tábor is a place where you can put aside your everyday worries. Our volunteers will do everything in their power to put smiles on the children’s faces and make these smiles stay there for good. We want them to know, that they are never alone. Everything we do here is with them in mind. Through various programs we aspire to make every camp participant leave their suffering behind and gain self-confidence.

Our fairy land is located right next to Havtan, a small town in Hungary. It is full of angles, whom from now on we shall call ‘cimbors’. We all know, that behind the silly dress-up and clown hats, there are doctors, nurses, teachers, specialists and volunteers.

How can I help

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Supporting others brings true joy. Help spread the joy by getting involved in sending If you agree, you can surely find the best way to help us send children suffering from chronic illnesses to the Bátor Tábor camps.

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It is better to give than to take. This motto is known to all, who were given a helping hand in a dire need. If you recognize this feeling, share it with our camp’ss’ participants, so that they can experience the good residing in you. You can change the lives of others and become an example for the future generations of volunteers!

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