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Bátor Tábor – 15 years of the camp

In 2016, we celebrated our 15th anniversary in Hungary. We are constantly improving the campgrounds and adding new attractions.

The Camp of Courage Volunteers

Help us change the lives of children suffering from cancer. Become a Bátor Tábor volunteer today!

Bator Tabor – pre-auction exhibition

As part of the Warsaw Gallery Weekend before the 5th Contemporary Art Auction organized by the Bator Tabor Polska Foundation, the pre-auction exhibition was held at the Hungarian Institute of Culture.

”O co biega?” (”Where are we going?”) with our running project

Thanks to the kind invitation off NC+, we were interviewed about our running project on Marcin Rosłoń's “O co biega?” program. We appreciate your support!

The Camp of Courage

Bátor Tábor Poland is a foundation sending children suffering from oncological and chronic illnesses to recreational camps, free of charge, in Hatvan, Hungary. During the camps, under the constant care of volunteers, children may rest and recover following the painful experience of treatment and the dull grey hospital wards. We have been operating for over 15 years.

Radio Broadcasts

Bator Tabor is looking for volunteers

Bátor Tábor Foundation is looking for volunteers that could join the hospital outreach Programme GO! which takes place at the children's oncological departments in Warsaw
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“The camp” – report by Antoni Rokicki

The Hungarian foundation Bátor Tábor organizes a camps described as a “courage camps”. It is attended by children, who suffer from chronic diseases. During a week-long stay, several crucial rules need to be followed.
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Bátor Tábor Foundation on the Polish Radio Program One

Bátor Tábor Foundation took part in the Polish Radio Program One broadcast on public benefit organizations! Remember about us, when donating 1% of your income tax...
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Bátor Tábor in the Press

Running Courage Camps

Two days ago, when I stood on the start line of the Orlen Warsaw Marathon, I thought I would not reach the finish. My legs were heavy, my muscles hurt, but I had two obligations. The first, the most important one, was to the kids from the Bátor Tábor Foundation, for whose therapeutic camps we were gathering funds, by participating in the 10 km run and the marathon , as the NC+ Team.


Recruitment of oncological patients for the Bátor Tábor camps

The recruitment of children interested in participating in the upcoming edition of the Bátor Tábor Foundation summer camps is underway in nine oncological wards in Poland.