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Bator Tabor Runners is a charitable community of runners, which help children suffering from cancer. We are neither professional runners nor professional fundraisers. We are connected through a shared love of running and helping others. Among us, we have both multiple marathoners and people who are returning to running after a decade long break. ‘The Courage Team’ competed for the first time under the name ‘Kompania Wrażeń’ in the 34th Warsaw Marathon on September 30th, 2012. In the following years we participated in a series of runs, including the Ekiden Relay and ORLEN Warsaw Marathon. We take part in marathons, half-marathons and relays, while continuing to train. Each one of us sets a goal for ourselves to collect a certain amount of funds. We are supported by our friends, family members and co-workers.By reaching our goal we aid a unique initiative – Bator Tabor.

Anyone can help our runners by symbolically adopting one kilometer. Registration for the Bator Tabor Runners team is open!

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Upcoming races



XV Sztafeta Maratońska EKIDEN 2019


Previous races



14th Ekiden Marathon Relay Race 2018


Raised 63% 3770zł


XIII Sztafeta Maratońska EKIDEN 2017


Raised 89% 7420zł


XI Sztafeta Maratońska EKIDEN 2015


Raised 98% 9800zł


This run was special for me - for the first time I knew I wasn’t doing it for myself. - Grzegorz

Before, during Physical Education classes I would do everything to disappear from the teacher’s line of sight and I would run those blasted laps with great effort. I never imagined that one day my running could help gather donations and that the preparations for it would become the best months of my life! It’s a gift from life, from the children under Bator Tabor’s care.

We are all The Best (we the runners, as well as you, the organizers and the Bator Tabor Foundation :)). What an initiative and what a response - amazing! I’m very impressed! Keep it up! - Jacek

Two days remain until the big day. The grand finale is approaching. Our 3-month preparation is done. Three months full of happiness, sacrifices, positive experiences, pain, failures and disappointments, achievements, successes and many other different feelings. This is what these 3 months gave me. And it is plenty. I’m happy, that I was able to give something back. Because it’s worth it. - Piotr

Bátor Tábor is a place where you can put aside your everyday worries. Our volunteers will do everything in their power to put smiles on the faces of children and make these smiles stay there for good. We want them to know that they are never alone. Everything we do here is with them in mind. Through various programs we aspire to make every camp participant leave their suffering behind and gain self-confidence. - Justyna

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