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About the GO! Program

GO! Program was designed to fill in the free time of the oncological wards’ youngest patients. The intention of the Bátor Tábor Foundation is to reach as many children touched by cancer, as well as their families, as possible. Polish Go! Program is a natural continuation of a Hungarian project, carrying the same name. It began based on the so-called ‘hospital outreach programs’ of the American organization SeriousFun Children’s Network (established by actor Paul Newman). Our Foundation is a proud member of this Network.

The aim of the GO! Program is to bring to the hospital wards an experience similar to the one offered to the children participating in our camp in Hatvan, near Budapest. (HERE you can learn more about the Bátor Tábor camp).
Our activities are based on the recreational therapy method, since we deeply believe that by facing the prepared challenges the children have a chance to face their own limitations, develop self-confidence and spend time with others their age. Through fun and play, we want to bring back smiles to their faces and give them strength to continue fighting the illnesses.

Types of workshops

Within the framework of the GO! Program we organize two types of workshops – Casino and Bundle. Due to the infrastructural capabilities of the hospital wards, the Foundation focuses on maximizing the use of space. In the Children’s Memorial Health Institute, which possesses a large common room, we organize group activities. The children approach the volunteers by themselves, curious about the games prepared for them and encouraged by the sight of other little patients playing. In the Institute of Mother and Child, it is the volunteers who visit the children in their rooms, carrying little bags or bundles (hence the name of the workshop) full of intriguing and colorful games.

Workshop frequency and duration

Due to the capabilities of the Foundation and the full schedule of the hospital wards, we currently organize three workshops per month (two in the Children’s Memorial Health Institute and one in the Institute of Mother and Child). The workshops are held in the afternoon during the week and last about 2-3 hours. More often than not, after they finish, the volunteers meet and discuss their observations and impressions from the ward visit. They exchange their experience in a wider group, under the supervision of the Foundation coordinator.