About the camp

Thousands of new experiences await Polish children suffering from cancer. In this land of joy, we promise them days filled with extraordinary encounters, strengthening their feelings of self-worth. They will have full medical care, everything free of charge, as well as transportation to Hungary, six meals a day and unforgettable adventures under the watchful eyes of our volunteers.

During those six days, our Polish participants, divided into two age groups, 7-13 year olds and 14-18 year olds, spend their time laughing, attending exciting programs and evening games suitable for their age. One group is made up of approximately 70 children and at least 70 volunteers. During the camp the children are accompanied not just by the volunteers, but also by interpreters. It is thanks to their help, that during the international camp we can host participants from the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia all together. The main language of the teenagers’ session of the camp is English.

Upcoming camp

Camp for 7-18 years olds
17 – 23 August 2019 Download the application


Hatvan, Hungary


60-70 children, aged 7-18 years


Once or twice per year for 6 days

How much?

The camp is
free of charge

We provide

  • Full medical care
  • Professionally trained volunteers - caretakers (Cimbors)
  • Each participant is under the care of at least one Cimbor
  • Volunteers - interpreters
  • Free travel and camp participation
  • 6 meals a day
  • Programs filled with adventures and games


Every moment spent in the Bator Tabor Camp is filled with happiness, presents unique opportunities and creates a strong feeling of belonging. Immerse yourself, together with our trained Cimbors, in new, extraordinary adventures. The number of challenges is limited, but it is enough to jam-pack the whole week. A variety of challenges and surprises wait for you in the Bator Tabor campgrounds. Don’t forget: we take fun seriously! Let us prove it to you.


Under the watchful eyes of experienced instructors, you have the chance to cross the waters of the camp’s lake in a 4-person kayak.


We have hooks and bait, but the fish we capture don’t end up on the plate. After each catch, the fisherman makes a wish and releases the fish back into the lake.


Would you like to be like Robin Hood? No problem! You will learn to use the bow and arrow at the archery range located in the nearby forest. You can shoot moving targets and balloons, and even experience synchronized shooting with covered eyes.


Dancing at the camp is unforgettable. Imagine 70 pairs of hands clapping in sync to the rhythm. It is a moment that will stay with you forever.


Physical exertion is not just tiring, it also brings joy and a feeling of freedom. Don’t be the kind of person who only watches sport on TV. Join the games on the playground and sport hall, or try out ping-pong, table football and chess.


It doesn’t matter if you have ever played before or if it’s the first time you’re holding an instrument in your hands. During our music class you will experience the beautiful feeling caused by the collective creation of sounds. Express yourself with the language of music!

Magic forest

Do you speak the language of nature? Not fluently? During this program you will be able to conduct scientific experiments in an exciting and entertaining manner. They will take place in the beautiful forest adjacent to the camp.

Art class

Do you have an artist hidden in you? We can help you find out! There is nothing better than creating and learning new crafts!


Have you ever taken pictures with something different than your phone? Professional cameras are waiting for you in the camp photo lab. We believe that the most beautiful moments in life are worth preserving.

Rope course

Do you dare to cross our rope course, hanging 6 or even 8 meters above the ground? Perhaps you will try gliding through the air in our 9- meter tall see-saw? They are all available in our rope course, which you can visit under the supervision of our trained volunteers. Don’t miss your chance! No risk, no fun.

Theater class

The best thing about acting is being able to become any character. Costumes specially prepared for you will let you transform into anyone you can imagine.

Horse riding

The world seen from the saddle seems completely different. You can begin your horse-riding adventure on our calm and well-behaved horses. There’s no doubt that after meeting our camp mascot - Fabatka - you will love horses forever!

Evening program

Days at the Bátor Tábor camp don’t end when the sun goes down. After dinner, there is time for the big evening gathering. All the participants enjoy a joint game. The legendary Bátor Tábor Casino and Party next to the lake are the most anticipated programs, which you just can’t miss!


Camper's headquaters
This is where you will live, in one of the seven little houses for 14 people, divided into two 5-person bedrooms. One thing is for sure: you will love your new home!
Cimbor houses
Those colorful houses, with space for 70 volunteers, are the Cimbors’ abode. It’s from here that our Cimbors depart everyday, to guide you through new, exciting adventures.
In the stables, taken straight out of a Western, our participants can see with their own eyes what life in the Wild West looked like. During this journey, they will be guided by perfectly trained Cimbors and two docile horses.
Archery range
Our archery range is located in the forest next to the camp, where our participants discover the secrets of using the bow and arrows.
On the shore of the private lake there are two buildings, which house our kayaks. This is where, with a little help from Cimbors, our participants become masters of kayaks.
Magic forest
The Bator Tabor campgrounds are surrounded by a beautiful forest, where the ‘Magic Forest’ program is held.
Rope course
Number one adventure! It is here - in the rope course constructed from fifteen 12- meters tall wooden poles - that our participants can walk in the clouds. Do you know, that it is one of the very few parks which can be safely accessed on a wheelchair?
A colorful building situated among flowers is our camp’s medical center with the doctors’ offices, a waiting room, a resting room and a group of friendly doctors and nurses. Have you ever seen a better clinic?
Main building and cantina
In the main Bator Tabor building, apart from offices and magazines, there is a canteen for 160 people, where delicious food, prepared according to the participants’ dietary needs, is served.

Quotations from Campers

Bator Tabor is a great adventure. I will never forget about all of my experiences there and will cherish it in my memory. I wish I could go back.

At the camp except that I learned how to fish, I also learned that you can do whatever you want , I learned that fear is a part of life and if you want to reach higher, you have to overcome it. I also improved my English skills, I learned few words in Hungarian, did some archery and can now make a bracelet. I also learned that you can have fun without your phone.

What I’m most proud of is that I was able to learn new things about myself and about the world.

My most important memory, that I will cherish forever, is climbing up nine meters high in the rope park and overcoming every obstacle.

I’m really proud that I survived a week without using my phone.

The most important memories that I will remember forever are the cottage chats in the evenings, the moments I met amazing people and when we would stand together singing the camp songs.

Bator Tabor is a magical place where you forget all your worries and you live carelessly. A place where you can discover the world and yourself as a child.

This is my second and my last camp. This year I will be turning 18 years old but I would like to come back here, but as a volunteer.

Bator Tabor makes you to wake up with a smile on your face and feeling excited for the new adventures you will remember forever.

Camp application form

All parents and caretakers interested in sending their child to the camp are kindly requested to fill in the application form and hand it over to our coordinator at the hospital.

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