It is better to give than to take. This motto is known to all who were given a helping hand in a dire need. If you recognize this feeling, share it with our camp’s participants, so that they can experience the good residing in you. You can change the lives of others and become an example for future generations of volunteers!

Discover the different forms of volunteering and support us in a manner which lets you accomplish the most.

Volunteering opportunities


Zuzanna Tuliszka
+48 577 651 622

GO! Program

The workshops are held in Warsaw hospital

  • leading workshops
  • cooperating with hospital staff
  • spending time with patients
  • be at least 20 years old
  • be open to new challenges
  • have free time
  • no previous experience needed
Foundation provides
  • 2-day preparatory training in Warsaw
You can become a GO! Program volunteer in just a few minutes.
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Vigyikán György
+36 20 569 7247

Camp volunteering

Camps for children and teenagers are organized in Hungary. Camp volunteers are called Cimbors.

  • leading workshops
  • cooperating with medical personnel
  • translating programs
  • have a working knowledge of Polish and English
  • be at least 20 years old
  • be open to new challenges
Foundation provides
  • 2-day comprehensive preparatory training
  • cccommodation and meals
  • support in reaching the campgrounds
You can become a camp volunteer in a few minutes.
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Paula Rycaj
+48 732 651 621

Bator Tabor Runners

Excellent choice for fans of running and cheering. You can participate in the program as a runner. The kilometers you run will be exchanged for funds for ill children.

  • accept the challenge
  • run a half-marathon/marathon/relay-race
  • gather funds for children
  • be at least 20 years old
  • be open to new challanges
  • have free time
  • have a passion for helping others
Foundation provides
  • fundraising materials
  • booklet on funds collection
  • t-shirt
  • support and cheering during the race
You can become a Bator Tabor Runner in a few minutes
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Before, during Physical Education classes I would do everything to disappear from the teacher’s line of sight and I would run those blasted laps with great effort. I never imagined that one day my running could help gather donations and that the preparations for it would become the best months of my life! It’s a gift from life, from the children under Bator Tabor’s care.

Each month I wait for the day of the workshop, which brings so much good to everyone who participates in it. Upon entering the wards, you forget everything else. Only here and now is important. Every shared moment… each game… every drawing bring so much happiness to both the kids and the adults. The volunteers and children. Time stops. You don’t see suffering… you don’t see tears… there is only joy… laughter… playing… and at the end of the day you think this is what it’s all about. And you impatiently wait for the next day like this.

Time spent at the camp is an amazing, but also educational, experience. There is always something new and unexpected happening. It allows me to discover a lot about myself and to grow.